Codekit para Mac es la aplicación favorita de muchos diseñadores que complia todo; Less, Sass, Stylus, Jade, Haml, Slim, CoffeeScript, Javascript, TypeScript, Markdown y Compass

Puedes optimizar tu proyectos y ver al instante los cambios en su navegador, con la animación o cualquier cambios que hagas antes de publicar.

También puedes optimizar sin pérdida JPEG y reducir el tamaño de los archivos PNG para que tus web vuelen.

Hace secuencias de comandos de depuración fácil y divertido. Encuentra al instante que uno colgando por comas que mata a IE o aplicar estilos de codificación y las mejores prácticas entre los equipos.


CodeKit 2.0.6 para Mac puede importar tus frameworks de manera que si haces un include de algún archivo lo buscará primero en el proyecto concreto en el que estés trabajando y, si no lo encuentra, recorrerá tus frameworks para incluirlo.

Te dejo la lista de cambios que ha dejado Bryan

Version 2.0.6 (17018)
30 MAY 2014
NEW: click and hold (or click and drag) the Preview button to select a browser with which to view your project.
NEW: if your project has no index file, the page that CodeKit displays in your browser now has a directory listing so you can select something else.
CHANGED: The "Tools" menu has been renamed "Tasks"
NEW: under the Tasks menu, there is now a command to tell Git to use the https:// protocol instead of git:// when installing components. Use this if you're on a network that blocks the default port for git:// URLs (corporate networks, etc).
Auto-refreshing now works on pages that have <link> tags outside of the <head> element. (Wordpress is a big offender here.)
Note: putting link tags outside of the head element is a really bad idea because the browser has to restart its whole rendering process when it encounters the late <link> tag.
FIXED: custom project icons now display properly in the Projects Sidebar.
FIXED: the no_unecessary_fat_arrows option on CoffeeLint now works correctly
FIXED: in Sass files, @import statements without quotes around the file path are now recognized properly.
FIXED: Chrome's Javascript console will no longer show a deprecation warning about Web Sockets.
FIXED: in the files list, icons no longer disappear when you select a row for a file that's imported into another file.
FIXED: in Kit files that use two variables in a line like this: href='http://<!--$someVar-->/folder/<!--$otherVar-->, the second variable will now be handled correctly. Previously, it went unprocessed because no space/newline existed between special comments.
FIXED: the overlay that appears when you drag a folder onto the window now displays non-Latin characters correctly.
Note: as a result of the above, Kit variables can no longer contain the string "-->".
CHANGED: It's no longer possible to enable Libsass for *.sass files. (Libsass does not support Sass's indented syntax.) Had this feature been implemented sooner, the developer of CodeKit would not have wasted 25 minutes of his life trying to figure out why a damn Sass file wouldn't compile.
The Server popover has undergone a redesign in preparation for cool stuff to come.