Sound Ideas Series 8000 Warp 3 D05-D10 SCD
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Warp 3 from Sound Ideas .... another dimension of great out of this world effects. With more than 400 sci fi tracks on 3 CDs, this collection presents a broad galaxy of "out there" audio.
Explore the sounds of new life forms, intergalactic transmissions and a selection of drones and deep space ambiences. Warp 3 has picked up your production needs on its wavelength - its outstanding contents will compliment journeys to distant stars, alien worlds and the inner space of your imagination.

Series 8000 Sci Fi Warp 3 includes:
- extraterrestrial creatures & alien insects
- sci fi ambiences, backgrounds, drones, hums, tones & frequencies
- space bells and unusual underwater atmospheres
- a full transmission of communications, space buoys, relays &
- dynamic energy fields, electric arcs and damaging explosions
- weapons, flame throwers and space torpedoes
- hits, lasers and whooshes
- intergalactic pneumatic delivery systems
- radar sweeps, servo movements & sonar pings
- tractor beams, transporters and scanners
- shuttles, space ships and flying saucers
- electronic squeals and telemetry
- ethereal space winds

Release Date.... 12 May 2010
Supplier........ Team SUN
Release Size.... 25 x 15mb
Cracker......... n/a
Release Format.. Bin/Cue
Release Type.... Sound FX