Eleusis es una aventura de primera persona 3d para Windows desarrollado por Nocturnal Workss utilizando la tecnología del motor del juego unreal. Se lleva a cabo en un pueblo aparentemente abandonado en Grecia, donde el juegador se mete en el personaje de buscar refugio, se encuentra en el centro de un torbellino de acontecimientos misteriosos.

Eleusis is a 3d first-person adventure game for Windows developed by Nocturnal Works. It takes place in a seemingly abandoned village in Greece where the player character, while trying to seek refuge, finds himself in the center of a whirlwind of mysterious events.

As the plot unfolds he finds clues that indicate that the village is a nest of a cult which plans to revive a dark force through an ancient ritual and harness its power. The player character faces the challenge of unlocking the forgotten knowledge of the ancient mysteries in order to stop the cult from accomplishing their goal. It is an exploration based adventure game where the player is called to solve the mystery by finding clues and reading various texts based on actual history, mythology and technology of ancient Greece.