The most successful series of shooters with a first-person returns to the epic sequel to the winner of several titles "Game of the Year», Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Will you be able to do what is required of you in the darkest hour for the world? Get ready for the amazing cinematic journey that is only available in the Call of Duty.

A significant portion of multiplayer has now become even bigger and better with new maps, game modes and features. Cooperative game mode will give players the opportunity to compete in the new special operations in place the best player in the tables of records, and mode "Survival" will fill the field of action unprecedented ekshenom ...

Game Features:
* New operations. Extensive single player campaign that continues the events of the original game
* Shoulder to shoulder. Co-op mode "special operations", which presented a number of scenarios for the two parties. As your experience of the soldiers, they will open more and more complex missions, like the plot interface with a single campaign, and completely independent
* Against each other. New multiplayer modes, as well as unique abilities and skills that are available only in online battles
* The risk to life. In carrying out dangerous missions in extreme conditions: in the snowy mountains, barren, and even under water, players will use all the modern weapons, the latest equipment and technology
* Beautiful action. Spectacular, dynamic shooting and brutal melee, as spectacular as not inferior to the episodes of the best Hollywood action
* Thanks to the project implemented in a variety of game modes, each of which has unique features, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is of interest to fans of single player game and for players who prefer the multiplayer network games, as well as for those who choose the cooperative transmission
* The project was created using advanced graphics technology that provides unsurpassed entertainment fierce battles in which players will participate