Trine- game in the genre of platforming and puzzles, in which the player tocomplete a level, will have to control three different characters.Between characters and objects sold at full physical interaction. Theplayer can control the knight Pontius (melee attack), a thief Zoya(attack distance) and the wizard Amadeus (non-combat character who cancast spells on different objects)

Trine willtake you to the fantasy world, where the brave knight Pontius, amazingmagician Amadeus and the mysterious thief Zoya will save the world fromevil forces. But this is not so simply because they are connected byinvisible threads with mystical Trine. Each of the characters are uniqueabilities and tactics that help them fight the army of the dead andingenious inventions. A player is given the opportunity at any time toswitch between characters to without any problems arising in the way ofpuzzles.

Trine 2:
Brave knight Pontius, the wisemagician Amadeus and cunning thief Zoya go to great campaign to save thefragile balance of peace. They are waiting for a wonderful magicalworld, painted with rainbow colors, populated by the bizarre plants andvicious enemies. Manage fire, water and air to cope with obstacles,moving rocks and bend a giant mushrooms to open a path. Each of thethree brave friends is strong in its own way, and only together theywill cope with any treacherous traps and pitfalls along the way. Welcometo the story!