Protect your security and privacy with MacScan, the premier Anti-Spyware program for Mac OS X. Detect, isolate, and remove spyware as well as clean up Internet clutter. With MacScan’s Blacklisted Cookie Scan you can remove blacklisted tracking cookies without losing all your saved usernames and passwords. Keep up to date with the latest Spyware definition updates!

Since early 2002, SecureMac has been developing its proprietary anti-spyware application, MacScan. January 2006 saw the release of MacScan for OS X at MacWorld San Francisco. But in 2007, the MacScan team upped the ante at Macworld SF by releasing MacScan 2 with key features such as frequent definition updates and then for cookies on their Cookie Blacklist. Users can now remove over 8000 known cookies for adware and malware with a single click and without losing any of their saved cookies. The Cookie Blacklist definitions, like the Spyware definitions, come in easy to download updates.

Key Features

Anti-Spyware Protection - Detects, isolates and removes spyware with free definition updates.
Detects over 8500 blacklisted cookies - Protect your Internet privacy by deleting tracking cookies without losing personal data such as passwords.
Cleanup Internet Clutter - Manage your Internet clutter offering quick deletion of history files for multiple web browsers.
Non-intrusive performance - Allows the user to run MacScan only when wanted not hogging system resources slowing down the users experience
Schedule Scans - Setup Scans to run at specific days and times.