iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch. iOS 3.0 or later.(Tested by iOS 4.2.1)


◆ Oriental stylish graphics!!

Oriental stylish graphics like the sumie and fantastic effect that you can feel great action! These will make you be addicted to game.

◆Stylish action!!

Side scroll action RPG that enhanced action such as smooth motion through expressing various strong effect and detailed motion.

◆Various collection

The title that you can acquire by carrying out subject, monster book that shows monster information and achievement, producing that you can make strong equipment, manufacturing that satisfies craftman's required level, enhancing increases abiliy of equipment! This various factors stimulate user's desire to collect.

◆Monster that based on Korean myth

You can meet 40 kinds of monsters of Korean myth such as Kirin, Nine tails fox, goblin in this game. These became possible research based on antique literature.

◆Many kinds of game mode

Story mode that you can enjoy the story, boss raid mode that you choose strong boss monster and play, time attack mode that you should eliminate bosses as many as possible in quick time.

◆Dungeon exploration

Side view style of maze action RPG! Excitement of exploring dungeon avoiding obstacles and booby traps.


Spear Rusher
Extreme Fishing