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Resorcerer v2.4.1 Mac OS X + serial

Resorcerer v2.4.1 Mac OS X + serial

Resorcerer is the premiere general-purpose commercial resource editor for Macintosh computers running System 8, 9, or Mac OS X. Relied upon by thousands of Mac developers all over the world, Resorcerer features a wealth of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for easier, faster, and safer editing of Macintosh data files and resources.

Whether you have to parse a picture, change one bit in a 500MB data fork, write an AppleScript to patch or build a file, transfer resource-fork-based resources to data-fork-based resource files under Mac OS X, create a scripting dictionary, build icon suites with all 144 variant icons, change the structure of existing custom resources, debug an AppleEvent from another application, design and edit a custom resource with 40,000 fields in it, find every reference to a control, try out a dialog interface under Aqua, see a Unicode glyph, magnify the screen, disassemble some PowerPC instructions to English, or any of dozens of other resource- or data-related viewing and editing tasks, Resorcerer's magic will make you more productive and quickly save you time and money.

Download Resorcerer v2.4.1 full Mac OS X

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Muchas gracias lo buscaba por todos lados :D thx

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