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Photoshopcafe - HDR and Photoshop

Have you ever looked at a stunning HDR image and wondered, “how did they do that?” Wonder no more! This video will serve as your easy to follow and informative guide to the world of HDR. You will be getting results better than you dreamed of with maximum ease. Colin explains in Plain-English all you need to get going in HDR.

When used correctly the 32 bit tools in Photoshop will enable you to create drop-dead gorgeous images with effortless ease. You will also learn some clever tricks that will enable you to boost the dynamic punch of Low Dynamic images. You’ll be able to supercharge any image with this bag of tricks in your arsenal.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) is not just a trend. It’s the future of Photography. Get a jump start on the newest Photographic technology with this 2.5 hour guide and learn why as well as how!


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